Automate Road Freight with Reverse Auction & IoT.
Workflow Automation from Dispatch to Delivery with Intelligent Flow of Information, Documentation & Above all KNOWLEDGE.  KNOW MORE

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TOP allows you indent trucks online with reverse auction. You can run spot bidding or a long term contract with a click. What’s more you get real time tracking, EPOD and alerts on delays. TOP can be integrated with any ERP or Accounting System within a day.

Cuts cost by more than 10%

All transport processes may be automated with TOP  with the use of advanced technology with Machine Learning and IoT. automate entire process from dispatch planning, scheduling, monitoring , documentation , invoicing & more. TOP reduces human errors to ~ NIL

 Reduce Logistics Manpower by 40% + 

TOP platform lets you focus on growing your business & make transport management very easy.


Efficiency of Transport Management is improved manifold just with a CLICK with cutting edge tech & proprietary algorithms. Real time data & exception based alerts drastically make operations agile.


Transparency & automation reduce your costs of management by more than 18% all at a variable costs No long term commitment.  No heavy investment in technology. 

GET Business insights

You will get actionable insights to manage your business strategically. Costs trends, route wise trends, analysis on procurement strategy , supply  chain responsiveness & many more. All on your mobile.

How TOP increases efficiencies & reduces costs?

TOP allows you to merge all the Transportation related workflow into single platform with Intelligent Design , Machine Learning & IoT. It enables you to Automate Transportation Indentation with Tech in following ways:

  1.  Logistics plan : Machine Learning Algorithms when connected with your dispatch plan generate the appropriate number and right type  of vehicles
  2.  Indentation : TOP then automatically communicates the indent to all the service providers ( transporters)
  3.  Vehicle placement: No need to call transporters as transporter is reminded for non-placement automatically
  4.  Checks : Once the vehicle arrives it is automatically allowed in the loading / unloading location . TOP checks the bona fides automatically
  5. Within plant tracking : TOP gives you real time view on vehicle location and generate alerts if there is a delay . It also provided bottleneck analysis on real time basis. It automatically calculates efficiency on each stage to take preventive and corrective actions on waiting time, loading time, etc.
  6. Document generation : TOP allows you to automate generation of documents like  E-Way bill, invoices, POD  etc.
  7. Tracking : It gives you real time tracking with Estimated Time for Arrival ( ETA) and alerts in case of delays with the constant update of ETA
  8. Delivery : Proof of Delivery Document is generated automatically when the consignee / receiver gets the consignment with proper checks & dispute notifications
  9. Accounting entries : TOP allows you to update all the accounting entries automatically in your ERP or Accounting System

All at variable costs. Want to know more . Contact us at  .


Details and benefits of TOP , the first technology ecosystem for Transportation Management & Automation

Wondering how can the technology be used without any heavy investment?

The article covers all the resources to assist in deciding the best course of action for your transportation management.

CXO’s  Dashboard

TOP  is Strategic Tool  for most of the companies in manufacturing, consumer goods, commodities etc. The dashboard allows the CXOs to look at headline exception and allow them to ask pertinent questions to improve the responsiveness of supply chain and reduce the costs. It also lets you Automate Transportation Indentation with tech!

Operations management

TOP lets operations team to go beyond mundane activities such phone calling, whatsapp messages , emailing etc. TOP is a companion and suggests  action items to enable critical thinking to improve transport operations.

End-to-end Integration with IoT 

TOP can easily be integrated with any ERP / CRM/ Accounting System to provide holistic view . TOP platform incorporates IIoT to provide complete view without any human errors. 


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