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way bill system at
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I am an EASY(E-way Automation SYstem) to use tool to automate your e-way bill management system 

You can reduce your cost of E-way bill management by more than 60% by using me. Stop worrying about knowing which e-way bill is expiring and which e-way bill needs amendment. E-way bill automation allows you to send alerts to different team members. You can also analyze which clients and routes are giving higher revenues than others and the trends.

Business Advantages :

No human error

Analysis and trail of Eway bills on click

Task repetitions down by 50% = Employee satisfaction up by 100%

Alerts for any expiry

Features :


The tool gives you alert in case there is an expiry of an E-way bill .The tool can further be enhanced by automating the extension of date.



Just need fill the required details ones and system will start interacting 

No Excel

Intelligently designed to encourage Sales Person to meet his/her targets.



Past reports on number of bills, route wise , customer wise data and trends and much more.


Different logins for different users

You can allow only limited users to EDIT or UPDATE or READ ONLY mode thereby reducing the access to only a few.


You may integrate  the system easily with your ERP and / or accounting systems.

How to Use?

In 5 minutes! Enter the information and you are good to go.

How much is the costs?

You pay for month and that’s it . The costs is a small fraction of a single employee monthly compensation.


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