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How can I reach TH bidding portal?

Type on chrome and sign in

What are my login credentials?

Link has been given “create a free account “on main page

How can I create a vehicle request?

Go to the GET VEHICLE link on main page from Right hand side there is tab of vehicle request

On vehicle request Tab – there are two option a) For single vehicle you may select ‘create fixed tenure’ and for bulk enquiry b) you may select upload fixed tenure.

What is the next process?

Fill the bid request page and submit. After submission the request enquiry will go to the selected group.

How do I know that the transporters quoted their price?

Go to the GET VEHICLE page and click that after click there is another bid main window will open then and there you will see the quoted price of transporters.

How do I accept L1 Transporters?

You may select L1 transporters and accept or else you thought the price is on higher side then you can also negotiate from negotiate button.

After acceptance of the rates then, what else I do?

You must give the schedule which is next to view map “Ad schedule tab “

After given the schedule what is the next step?

You need to accept the vehicle from order tab. once you accepted, transporter is bound to place the vehicle on given date.

How can I track the shipment?

TH has given facility to shipper and transporters both for tracking.

  1. App based tracking – Driver can download the app from play store “DRIVERHOOQ”
  2. Transporter can also enable sim tracking from driver’s mob no
How many types of report are there for us?

We have many reports and management dashboard for you and your management.  

For any bid related issue and troubleshoot, how can I contact you?

You may contact us on customer care no – +91 9319977101  or write us on

Whether we can integrate with our accounting software and ERP ?

Yes you can integrate with our Rest full API .

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