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How do I know whether the shipper has received my bid?

With TOP, you can be assured that your bid is being received by the shipper. You also come to know the lowest bid at any given time and as such you can revise your bid before the bidding ends.

What if someone bids in the last few seconds?

If someone bids in the last few seconds, the bidding time gets extended to ensure fair play.

How can I earn more through TOP?

One of the major advantages of TH TOP is that you can get return loads on most routes. Thus you can increase your profitability.

Do I get paid only after I deliver the POD to the shipper?

As is the case usually, you get paid only after providing the POD. However, the good news is that you can upload the e-POD on the TOP application and the consignee can approve it online thereby clearing the path for your payment almost instantaneously.

Can 3PL players use TOP?

Yes. TOP can be used by 3PL and 4PL players. You can bid for a load and post a load at the same time.

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