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I minimise delays upto 10% & maximise profits upto 5%.

Time management is critical even when your shipments and vehicles are at warehouses, manufacturing plants or ports. So, my in-plant & depot monitoring with IoT tool assists you from the time your vehicles enter a facility till they are out of it. It informs you when the vehicles have reported, if they are lying idle, and what else they are up to in your premise across your particular warehouse / facility or across them. With stage-wise RFID-based monitoring, I collect data and run smart analytics. That in place, It generates solutions which minimise delays in the chain, improve TATs, and bring down transportation costs by at least 5%. It helps you fasten the turn-around of the vehicles thereby optimally using your existing capacity.

VIVO gives enhanced visibility to your vehicles when there is NONE


Track movement of vehicle within the plant with advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms. Real time bottlenecks and alerts enable operations team to take immediate actions . Extra power may be extracted by combining with ERP.

REDUCED Detention Costs

VIVO In-plant & depot tracking of Vehicle with IoT ensures at least 15-20% percent better turnaround time for vehicles thus reduces the detention costs 

Better responsivness

When integrated with TOP, VIVO can enhance the visibility of entire supply chain from dispatch planning to delivery. The visibility and alert enhance supply chain performance to notches higher. You want more reasons In-plant & depot tracking of Vehicle with IoT.

Transportation productivity. Improve, in and out.


Reduce transportation costs by 5%

Receive solutions to increase vehicle TATs

Easy integration with existing ERP

Get accurate data on stage-wise slowdowns

In plant & depot tracking of Vehicle with IoT 1

How to Configure?

Install In-plant & depot tracking of Vehicle with IoT hardware in a week or less . Create login and go. The performance of VIVO may be performed with proper integration with TOP. 

Live Demo

We are always ready to provide a demo and take you through the process. Please book a demo and turn any phone into tracking device

In plant & depot tracking of Vehicle with IoT 2

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Buy hardware online , connect the hardware and configure . Instantly enable real time visibility of vehicles  in plants , depots or warehouses.

So quick & easy . 


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