Hi, I’m TOP For Shipper

I automate Vehicle Planning, Vehicle Scheduling, Placement, Monitoring ,Documentation ,

Invoicing & much more. I am a Strategic Tool for TOP management & Operational Tool

for logistics I am built on cutting edge technology and harness the power of IIoT( Industrial

Internet of Things)

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I automate  the entire road transport management

I use cutting edge technology to integrate the workflows so that every part of your logistics chain work in harmony. You can imagine us as a technology pipe which encompasses all your processes . At present, vehicle planning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle placement , documentation , regulatory paper work , monitoring, billing etc. are undertaken in silos and mostly involve human judgement. As you may realize, siloed working coupled with human involvement is leading to the problems of information asymmetry , human errors & delays . This in turn costs you more than 10% of your logistics costs. And surprise, you can solve these problems in no-time by using T-Hub TOP. No upfront investment , no heavy development, no headache of implementation and on TOP of that it is very easy to be used by anyone.
I work as Strategic Tool for top management and CXOs to change the role of transport from a costs center to an important element in business success.
I also work as Operational Tool fo day-to-day real time monitoring of complete logistics chain at one place. The TOP tool assist the teams by raising alerts in case of exceptions and increases the teams’ efficiency.

Business Advantages :

Substanial costs reduction

Manage Transporters & Timely Updates = Increased Shipment Visibility

Automation to reduce human errors

Digital Process = Less Procurement time, Less Paperwork, Proactive Decision Making

Features :

Real time visibility

Be it red zones, orange zones or green zones of your logistics chain, TOP enables you to see them in real time basis . You can take immediate actions on the zones requiring attention before it is too late 


No upfront costs

We have invested years of hard work to create a platform which  has power and oomph. You just need to plug  without any upfront investment and you are there. Least to say, you avoid  costs of changing technologies and maintenance. All at variable costs  

real time strategic insights

That’s where things really get very interesting. TOP delivers strategic knowledge after digesting data from IoT devices and your legacy systems such as ERP / CRM and others.


Digital documentation

Paper documentation has been the bane of logistics business. With TOP you don’t need to lift a finger. As soon as you plug to TOP all the required documents are generated and passed as needed while constantly interacting with your ERP / CRM.


Predictive analytics

TOP is your logistics genie ; you click and get not only the alerts and insights. TOP has started including various predictive analytics to aid decision making .


 TOP comes with easy to use SDK to integrate your logistics workflows with  CRM / ERP data. TOP does not stop here . It subsumes , processes and feed data from IoT devices to give a complete picture of you logistics flow.

How to Use?

Plug-and-play is our mantra . It is as easy as it can get without worry. Want to know more ? Call us or email us now!

What do I need to do?

You need to relax and focus on focus on high valued added activity. 


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