TH reduced vehicle indentation cost by 5%

by | Jul 17, 2020

Online Bidding for Trucks in Mumbai India


  • The client faced issues in getting vehicles on time and good rate.
  • Manual processes restricted choice and made data gathering difficult.
  • No insights on the rate trends, availability & transporters’ performance.


  • TH-TOP a SaaS tool making vehicle indentation a click away.
  • The tool allows bulk indentations to reach large number of transporters.
  • TH-TOP gives  granular insights on the trends in tariff. It automates the process through easily integrable RESTful APIs.


  • Reduced manual efforts by more than 50%.
  • Made the indentation process transparent and efficient.
  • Curtailed logistics costs by more than 5%.
  • Providing insights on the trends in tariff.
  • Increased employees’ involvement by automating repetitive task.

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