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by | Jul 15, 2020


How can we save on road transportation and yet do not compromise on supply chain responsiveness?

The problem is faced by most of the companies involved in road transportation. And the most frequent advice they get is a generic response i.e. to use technology.

Ensuing confusion to implement technology makes companies to resort to one of the 4 ways that don’t actually harness the true potential of technology:

  • Use bidding platforms which give lower costs but do not guarantee intelligence in holistic way
  • Build own platform that causes high cost and managerial time to develop, maintain and upgrade
  • Outsource custom platform to 3rd parties who are not aware about logistics industry dynamics and are specialist in only 1-2 technologies that results in multiple iterations, less optimal use of technologies, difficulty in integrating with new technologies
  • Use disparate systems such as Tracking, RFP management, accounting of shipment with negative  consequences in the form of low productivity & accuracy and blind spots

All the above options provide  no way to get a bird’s eye view on entire operation at one place. Moreover, they are either very costly or very inefficient or both.

In this article, we will show that the existing situation is not a fait accompli but there are platform which solve the problems of managing even the most complex transportation network. These platforms  have one or more of the  following positives favouring them viz:

  • They provide integrated view of entire transportation of company
  • They automate many repetitive tasks
  • They integrate newest technologies such as IoT & machine learning
  • They are inexpensive with SaaS( Software As A Service Model)
  • They help in Managerial decisions with recommendation and analytics of business
  • They help operations with exception based architecture

Among these platforms , TOP ( Tool for Online Procurement ) by TransportHub encompasses all the above elements with few more helpful tools for logistics team and senior management.





This article covers brief of each of the components of TOP and use cases for the same.

What is TOP ( Tool for Online Procurement)?

TOP is a single platform which encompasses all the necessary elements to manage the transportation requirement of companies. The key features of the TOP platform are:

  • Reduces costs of transportation by more than  10% immediately
  • Automates entire workflow from dispatch planning to delivery with IoT and intelligent design
  • Digital flow of information and document reduces mistakes and enhance responsiveness
  • Easy integration with ERP or Accounting System provides seamless business view
  • Cutting edge analytics deliver insights & recommendations to plan logistics & transportation for longer term

What are the key components of TOP?

TOP comprises following modules that work seamlessly :

  • Dashboard with alerts and key top level data and analytics .
  • RFP management & bidding platform
  • Automatic Vehicle Planning
  • In-plant vehicle movement ( VIVO). Read more 

What are the benefits of each component?

Each module is designed to deliver tangible advantages immediately and build over them over a long term. Few benefits of each of the module are:

  • Integration of workflows through single Dashboard  provides effective managerial oversight with audit trail . Article 
  • Online bidding reduces costs by more than 10% and enhances transparency
  • Automation allows for reducing human errors and high quality & robust data
  • Vehicle-in-Vehicle-Out ( VIVO) curtails detention time more than 50% and provide real time visibility of bottlenecks . Read Case Study
  • E-way automation does away with multiple inputs and avoids costly mistakes
  • E-documenation replaces hard to trace paper trail with easy flow of information and documents . Advantages of E-Documentation


It is no longer difficult to use technology to make your transport management efficient. There are many platforms that will address a part of problem. However , it is imperative to use technology as Strategic Tool and make logistics planning an integral part of strategic planning. Above all, companies do not have to invest large sums to develop, maintain and upgrade appropriate technologies. The cloud based solutionss like TransportHub’s TOP integrate all the workflows with easy interfacing with cutting edge tech such as Machine Learning & IoT . TOP can also be plugged with existing ERP solutions to provide the true impact of logistics operations on the entire business.

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